Animalife Competition Survival Pack

Animalife Competition Survival Pack

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Animalife Competition Survival Pack

Vetrocalm x1 25ml syringe

  • Animalife Vetrocalm works by assisting oxygen levels using natural ingredients that help the body, mind and muscles relax
  • Helps to improve focus, giving you better control and performance
  • Vetrofen x4 3.5g sachet

    • Helps them feel comfortable and really show off their movement and flexion by targeting the body's inflammatory response
    • Animalife Vetrofen keeps your horse sound, supple and flexible before, during and after performance
    • Help joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons recover faster

    Vetrolytes+ x2 60ml sachet

      Animalife Vetrolytes+ is a liquid electrolyte formula providing fast absorption to rapidly replace vital salts and Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) that are lost through sweat caused by exercise, travelling or stress-related conditions
    • Animalife Vetrolytes+ are rapidly absorbed in the bloodstream to replace the vital salts Sodium, Chloride, Potassium and Magnesium + BCAA, which are needed to improve stamina and recovery whilst encouraging water consumption
    • Best used after general sweating, hot weather or stress to help improve the recovery of your horse. Naturally flavoured for palatability, ideal for fussy eaters