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Baileys No.19 Performance Balancer


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Many riders know that, as workload increases, so do their horses' nutritional requirements but many also find that a competition mix or cube provides too many additional calories for their "working good-doer". This is where new improved Performance Balancer comes in as it provides appropriate levels of essential nutrients, without unwanted calories and can be fed as the sole concentrate or added to reduced amounts of mixes or cubes.

Performance Balancer is low in starch and sugar, as well as energy, so is suitable for horses prone to gastric ulcers yet who don�t need the calories provided by Ease & Excel. It contains quality protein supplying a superb amino acid profile, to help build and promote muscle and top line and support tissue repair. Boosted levels of antioxidant vitamins and minerals help neutralise free radicals and promote healthy muscle function, while Digest Plus prebiotic and the live probiotic yeast, Actisaf, ensure a healthy gut and fibre digestion.

Analytical Constituents

-Protein 26%

-Starch 6%

-Sugar 6.5%

-Fibre 7.5%

-Oil 7%

-Ash 15%

-Calcium 3%

-Phosphorus 1.5%

-Lysine 2.2%

-Methionine 0.7%

-Potassium 1%

-Methionine 0.7%

-Copper 250 mg/kg

-Zinc 600 mg/kg

-Biotin 30 mg/kg

-Selenium 2.5 mg/kg

-Vitamin a6,000 IU/kg

-Vitamin d37,000 IU/kg

-Vitamin e2,500 IU/kg

As well as being the first balancer to be accredited by BETA as suitable for horses prone to gastric ulcers, Performance Balancer has been improved to:

Be more concentrated so a bag lasts the average 500kg horse in moderate work, around 6 weeks.

Contain elevated levels of key vitamins, including E and A.

Supply superior levels of biotin which, with a full package of additional nutrients, will help promote healthy hoof growth.


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