Equine America Glucosamine 12000 Plus Msm Plus Ha

Equine America Glucosamine 12000 Plus Msm Plus Ha

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Glucosamine forms the back bone of GAGs which are the building blocks of cartilage and all other connective tissue throughout the body. Glucosamine is essential in the healing of cartilage, and problems occur when the rate of formation of cartilage is slower than the damage it incurs. When given in high amounts, Glucosamine can stimulate the production of Hyalurionic Acid which is an important constituent of joint fluid.

MSM serves as an organic source of Sulphur, which is essential for forming cross-bridges between collagen molecules. This adds strength to collagen rich tissues such as ligaments and joint tissue. Glucosamine has been shown in many studies to work more effectively in the presence of Sulphur. Sulpher is also beneficial to the functions of many hormones, enzymes and the immune system.

Turmeric has soothing antioxidant properties and helps maintain joint comfort.

HA (Hyaluronic Acid) is a component of the synovial fluid that surrounds the joints, helping to keep them supple. As horses age, the thick viscous fluid can break down to become watery and less effective, resulting in a stiff horse.