Equisal Tapeworm Saliva Test Kit

Equisal Tapeworm Saliva Test Kit

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The EquiSal Tapeworm Test is a simple-to-use saliva test.

Horse owners can take the samples themselves without the need for a vet.

This innovative test was developed at Austin Davis Biologics Ltd by a team of experienced scientists (one of whom was an inventor of the Clear Blue pregnancy test).

It has been rigorously tested and validated so you can have every confidence in relying on your results.

Kit price includes:

Saliva collection kit

Delivery and return postage

How to use the kit:

Your horse must not have eaten or been exercised for 30 minutes before testing.

All you have to do is to use the specially designed swab to collect a saliva sample from your horse by inserting it in the side of his mouth in the space where the bit normally sits.

Wait for the indicator to turn pink. This shows that enough saliva has been absorbed into the swab and can take a few minutes.

Pop the swab into the collection tube, and return it to the Austin Davis Biologics laboratory in the pre-paid postage bag.

R&R Country will then contact you when we receive your horses worm count results.

This product is limited to UK sales only