Fairfax Performance Breastplate

Fairfax Performance Breastplate

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Fairfax performance leather breastplate One size Developed and handmade in the UK This breastplate is based on scientific research and is designed to: Prevent the saddle slipping back when needed Work without restricting the horse's breathing Allow the horse to maintain his natural jumping action or shape over a fence The Peformance Breastplate was developed using Pliance Pressure mapping and Centaur Biomechanics gait analysis. Our testing into breastplate designs showed that using a breastplate has a significant negative effect on the horse's action as he jumps. When a breastplate is attached to a saddle and then the girth, it forms, in effect, a 'cage' around the horse's shoulder apparatus that restricts his movement over a jump. The highest pressures were consistently seen at the moment when the horse is at the peak of take-off and its shoulder is in its most forward position. However, biomechanical analysis showed that the whole jump is adversely affected by the breastplate from this point onwards: The shape of the jump from take-off to landing (the trajectory) is shortened (see Testing & Design) the horse's landing is steeper the horse's hind legs are "cramped" in the landing phase, with the joints flexing more in an attempt to clear the fence.