Omega Rice

Omega Rice

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Omega Rice is for horses requiring improved condition and stamina.

Maintains skin health and coat condition.

Stabilized rice bran and linseed pellet.

High oil and Omega 3 content.

Added limestone.

Balanced Calcium and Phosphorous levels Rich in anti-oxidants.

Excellent for sales and show preparation.

Great for fussy feeders and veterans struggling to maintain condition.

Suitable for all types of disciplines.

Omega Rice is a very energy dense, high calorie feed that can be used to top dress onto your existing ration.

Feeding a small amount of this product daily, in conjunction with your regular feed, will effortlessly promote condition.

As much of the energy supplied by the Omega Rice is in the form of oil, which is a recognized slow release form of energy, it is less likely to cause excitable or over exuberant behaviour.

Omega Rice provides a rich and natural source of anti-oxidants and has been fortified with Vitamin E for optimum nutritional health.