Flair Nasal Strips

Flair Nasal Strips

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Flair Nasal Strips reduce airway resistance, fatigue, lung stress and bleeding in horses during high levels of physical activity. One time use self-adhesive Flair Nasal Strips for horses improve airflow by opening up the nostrils, preventing the soft tissues overlying the nasal passages from being sucked in and reducing the size of the airway. The increase in airflow and reduction of resistance helps prevent exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH).

- One time use

- Self-adhesive

- Black or White

- Reduces natural resistance of airflow into lungs

Flair Nasal Strips Not Just For Upper Level Horses

Flair equine nasal strips are great for the super fit upper-level eventing horses but horses at the lower levels benefit as well. For the majority of us not competing at Rolex, Flair strips can help our horse perform at their best during gallop sets and cross country schooling. Sometimes horses working up the levels work even harder to get there than the ones at the top. Using Flair Strips makes more oxygen available to the muscles, delays onset of fatigue and with the proper application of ice wraps, can increase recovery times.

How Flair Nasal Strips Work

Flair nasal strips work by supporting the soft tissues above the horses nostrils and those in front of the nasal bone. When applied, the Flair strip keeps the soft tissues overlying the nasal passage from being sucked in. This reduces the nasal airway diameter. The result of the soft tissue not moving is less resistance to air flowing into the lungs because the nasal passage remains open.

Do Equine Nasal Strips Work?

Buck Davidson thinks yes. The 2010 COH Eventing Horseman of the Year says�

"Flair Strips support the breathing passage so my horses get the most oxygen with every breath. This is critical for horses in our sport. Flair helps protect my horse's lungs."