Amigo Bug Buster Vamoose Rug

Amigo Bug Buster Vamoose Rug

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Made from sun reflecting knitted polyester fabric that is soft, absorbent and strong to protect against flies. Includes super size tail flap and extra deep sides for optimum belly protection.


- Vamoose insect control technology

- Removable neck, mane liner

- Knitted polyester mesh

- Patented front leg arches

- Belly band

- Supersize tail flap

- Three straight surcingles

- Two front fasteners

- Two velcro hood fasteners

- The Amigo Bug Buster with Vamoose is based on the already popular Amigo Bug Buster design but infused with Vamoose insect repellent. A revolutionary advancement in flysheet technology! No more need for spray-on insect repellents.

- Featuring 3 surcingles and a removeable neck cover that gives protection and versatility.

- Vamoose insect control technology fly sheet is EU registered PCS No. 95869. Permethrin treated for superior fly protection. The rug is infused with the insect repellent, proven effective in human clothing against flies, mosquitoes, chiggers, midges and ants.

- Three straight fastening surcingles along with two front fasteners and two velcro hood fasteners make for a perfect fit.

*Compatible with Waterproof Fly Rug Liner