Lemieux Arctic Ice Boot

Lemieux Arctic Ice Boot

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Lemieux Arctic Ice Boot

Introducing the Arctic Ice boot. Generously sized and fleixble, these ice boots are designed to give good coverage over the intended area. The four elasticated straps allow for flexible fitting which means that they can be used anywhere on the horse's limb.

LeMieux's Artic Ice boots contain a unique Hypo-Freeze Gel that is formed in 24 separate pockets and contours around the limb ensuring maximum surface contact with Tendons and Joints. This gel is able to hold an intense 'arctic' freeze effect for the optimum time needed for the cooling effect to make an impact.

Regular use of the Arctic Ice Boots for short periods (20-30mins) after intense exercise for preventative purposes to ensure ligaments, tendons and joints remain tight. The sooner the temperature of tendons can be reduced after work, the better. This can apply to high intensity dressage as well as galloping, jumping and x-country.