Lemieux Stealth Air Shoc Xc Hind Boots

Lemieux Stealth Air Shoc Xc Hind Boots

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These technical XC boots have been designed for strength and optimum protection with a new impact responsive smart layer between the leg and the outer shell. This Shoc smart layer is composed of impact responsive material containing free form molecules that remain supple & flexible when not under pressure. These molecules articulate and lock together when impacted forming a hard protective barrier. The shear force is dissipated and thus shields the horses leg. Shoc molecules then return to a flexible state thereafter.

The outer MicroFlex cage mesh offers lightweight protection with 360 degree air ventilation - permitting exchange of air over its entire surface area whilst galloping, reducing tendon temperature.

Offering cutting edge shock absorption, tendon support & flexible PU strike guards. These new StealthAir Shoc's have established a new standard in cross-country protection.