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Naf Mare Foal & Youngstock

Naf Mare Foal & Youngstock

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NAF Mare, Foal & Youngstock

  • Contains a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement, which provides Calcium and Phosphorous in the correct ratio
  • Zinc and Iron are present to ensure absorption of key nutrients into the bone
  • Copper is added for healthy cartilage formation, along with Vitamin E which supports healthy muscle development
  • Lysine is the first limiting amino acid in the equine diet, and helps to ensure protein is properly utilised
  • Feeding this supplement to the mare and the foal will ensure the correct micro-nutrient, vitamin and mineral levels are provided for optimum development of the foal
  • Providing the mare with this nutritional support prior to foaling will enable her to pass on the necessary nutrient levels to her foal
  • NAF recommend that Mare, Foal & Youngstock is fed daily to the mare from three months before foaling, through to weaning, and to the foal up until four years of age