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Naf Vitamin E & Selenium Plus

Naf Vitamin E & Selenium Plus

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NAF Vitamin E & Selenium Plus

  • Supports muscle function in the performance horse
  • Particularly useful in those geographical areas where the soil is likely to be selenium deficient
  • Contains selenium yeast (safer to use than inorganic forms)
  • Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that has the ability to stabilise cell membranes - therefore helping to protect the cell from the detrimental effects of excess free radicals
  • Studies have also indicated the beneficial effects this vitamin can have on the horse's performance, due to its support of oxygen delivery to the lungs Vitamin E and Selenium are both of vital importance to natural growth, fertility and optimum muscle function
  • Lysine, an essential amino acid, is necessary for optimum growth and development
  • Low in feeds of non-meat origin, Lysine can be deficient in many equine diets
  • Soil in some geographical areas around the UK is naturally low in selenium, which is when supplementing with Vitamin E, Selenium Lysine is particularly useful to improve the diet