Ps Of Sweden Stockholm Bridle

Ps Of Sweden Stockholm Bridle

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PS of Sweden Stockholm Bridle

The Stockholm bridle is a stylish snaffle bridle with a classical look and removable flash strap. The noseband has a white d�cor stitching and a super soft pillow built-in that reduces pressure and enables a closer, optimized fit around the nose. The headpiece has an air gap over the highest part of the neck, to give maximum freedom for the sensitive nerve tracks, muscle attachments, and ligaments that all attach at the neck. It has also got built up, softly padded edges with an anatomical, oval shape around the ears. The cheekpieces have PS elastic Cradles (solid) which allows the bit to suspend in the horse�s mouth. This helps to further relieve the pressure on the poll. The browband has a convex PS-button with an extra sturdy clasp that keeps the browband in place and shapes the leather backward and down.

  • Detachable flash strap
  • Noseband and browband beautifully decorated with white d�cor stitches
  • Spanish, vegetable-tanned leather
  • Each bridle is a handmade unique piece
  • Leather is a natural product that develops over time and may darken slightly when oiled
  • 2-Cob
  • 3-Full
  • 4-X Full