Saracen Re-Leve

Saracen Re-Leve

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RE-LEVE is a cereal-free, low starch (8%) mix specifically designed to replace all cereal based concentrate feed for horses in work that have a nervous disposition or react adversely to high cereal and starch levels.

Highly digestible 'Super-fibres' and high oil levels reduce the reliance on starch to provide the energy thus reducing the risk of exaggerating excitable temperaments. Elevated levels of antioxidants, Vitamin E and selenium are included to support normal muscle function and recovery.

A cereal free, low sugar, low starch performance ration.

Suitable For:

Performance horses intolerant to high-starch/cereal based diets

Horses of a nervous disposition, to maintain a more even and trainable temperament

Horses that require support to maintain normal muscle function

Horses that require a low starch ration to support optimal digestive health

Features & Benefits:

Cereal-free, low-starch ration (8%)

Low in sugar (6%)

High in digestible 'Super-fibres' to reduce the reliance on starch to provide energy

Highly digestible 'Super-fibres' to support a healthy digestive system

Superior antioxidant levels to assist normal muscle function

Highly fortified with supporting minerals

Quality protein sources to optimise muscle and tissue repair and renewal