Silverfeet Antimicrobial Hoof Balm

Silverfeet Antimicrobial Hoof Balm

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Silverfeet Hoof Balm is a unique blend of natural ingredients and silver complex which has been shown to prevent the growth of common equine hoof microbes which can lead to the development of thrush and white line disease.

Silverfeet enhances the natural colour of your horse's hooves giving them a healthy, long-lasting shine.

Equine thrush affects many horses and ponies; causing a wide range of hoof problems including discolouration, discharge, discomfort, bleeding and unpleasant odour. In severe cases lameness can result following involvement of deep flexor tendons. The exact organisms which invade the hoof tissue are a source of debate although it is likely that both bacteria and fungi play a part.

Equine thrush localises to the frog whilst other infections such as onychomycosis affect distinct areas such as the white line. Prevention of infection is preferable to treatment and although many hoof oils, waxes and ointments are available there is little or no scientific evidence to show they are effective against bacteria and fungi.