Sneyds Wonderdog Elite Gourmet Fish & Potato 12Kg

Sneyds Wonderdog Elite Gourmet Fish & Potato 12Kg

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Sneyd's Elite Gourmet Fish & Potato offers a grain free, hypoallergenic alternative to other super premium dog food. A complete dry feed for adult dogs. Being a hypoallergenic dog food, this recipe has been formulated for dogs with sensitive digestion and skin.

We created the best dog food for every dog. We've removed a number of common allergy-provoking ingredients from this recipe. Our grain free dog food does not contain beef or pork in any form, dairy, soya, eggs, wheat or wheat gluten, artificial flavourings or colourings.

To boost your dog's immune system we ensure our premium hypoallergenic dog foods contain vital vitamins such as E7 C, selenium, beta-carotene and marigold meal.

Plus we love to see your dog looking its best, so the added omega 3 & 6, zinc and biotin will really help produce a shiny coat.

Essential Information

Freshly Prepared Salmon and Trout

Gourmet fish is an ideal protein source. Fish is also an excellent source of oil that is particularly suited to achieving great coat quality as well as being gentle on the digestion and wholesome.

Sunflower Oil

This provides the ideal balance of Omega 6 to Omega 3 essential fatty acids so that the ideal daily requirement is fulfilled. Minerals and Vitamins. These are added to ensure your dog gets the ideal nutritional levels it requires. Brewer�s Yeast: We include this to ensure the ideal levels of Vitamin B for general well-being are included in the recipe. Other Elements: Sodium chloride (salt) and potassium chloride are essential to deliver the recommended balance of Sodium, Potassium and Chloride and their ions. Yucca schidigera extract aids smooth digestion, reduces gas in the gut and also odours. Marigold meal is a natural antioxidant and together with rosemary extract and beta-carotene helps preserve our foods and mop up undesirable free radicals in your dog.

Protein 24%

Calcium 1.07%

Crude Fibres 3%

Phosphorus 0.76%

Crude Oils & Fats 14%

Omega 3 2.67%

Crude Ash 7%

Omega 6 2.32%

Contrary to what is often said Ash is not present in your dog�s food. Unburnable mineral levels etc remain as Ash after Incineration Analysis Tests