Sticky Trap Glue

Sticky Trap Glue

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Sticky Trap is the horsefly glue that is used in glue traps. The horsefly glue is specially developed for catching horseflies, hornets and other bloodsucking insects. The basis of the recipe originates from the US and is used all over the world to catch aggressive insects. The Sticky Trap horsefly trap glue is transparent, stays sticky for a long time (8-16 weeks), is environmentally friendly and there is thanks to a special design hardly any by-catch on the traps made with this special insect glue!

The Sticky Trap glue is eco-friendly and is also used for the famed Loer Glue Trap by Kylix. The glue is used in combination with a dark object that moves. The bloodthirsty horsefly-female thinks the object is her prey and simply can't resist attacking it. You can use a horsefly-ball, black plastic bucket or dark piece of plastic. The Sticky Trap horsefly

glue is affordable and quickly solves your horsefly-problem!

The Sticky Trap horsefly glue is rainproof and is effective for 8-16 weeks.