Stubben 2 In 1 Lozenge Full Cheek Snaffle

Stubben 2 In 1 Lozenge Full Cheek Snaffle

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Benefits of The Bit:

2 impact levels

The new 2 in 1 bit offers two additional impact levels in the horse's mouth by simply switching the sides of the bit.

1. If you buckle the more angular side of the bit towards the horse's tongue' the pressure occurs more selectively.

2. If you buckle the round side towards the horse's tongue, you have a softer impact.

If the sign + is visible on the mounting side, the more effective side is in use. If you cannot see the + sign from the mounting side, the softer side is in use.

-Changing the buckling from time to time prevents a desensitization of the horse's mouth.

Benefits of Sweet Iron Link:

-Better acceptance

-Pleasant sweet taste of the middle piece

-Encourages chewing and salivation

-Solid copper composition

Benefits of a Full Cheek Snaffle:

-Long and extended arms above and below the mouthpiece with a ring attached to it. The cheeks have a good lateral guiding effect which enhances the response of the horse on the outside rein when riding bends and circles.

-The leverage effect is not very high. It can be increased however when used with bit keepers, which keep the bit more fixed in the mouth.

-Full-cheek snaffles have proven to be especially good for training young horses and lungeing work.