Stubben Golden Wings 2 Ring Gag

Stubben Golden Wings 2 Ring Gag

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The Stubben Golden Wings Gag offers a number of benefits to its use. It is the ultimate safeguard to your horse's mouth as it is very gentle offering 100% pinch less qualities, meaning it is sensitive and suitable for inexperienced horses. It features large discs known as safeguard plates that offer optimal protection to your horse's mouth, especially the corners and ensures the bit always remains in the correct position.

The bit enables the rider to give a direct response from the outside of the horse's mouth combining the advantages of a loose ring snaffle with the direct yet gentle action from outside on the horse's mouth.

The benefits of the sweet copper link mean that the bit is easier to accept and there is a pleasant sweet taste of the middle piece. It encourages your horse to chew and salivate helping your horse to feel better. It is made of a solid copper composition with very high strength.

The bit permits individual buckling and evenly distributes pressure over the horse�s mouth. When fixing the reins at the lower ring the pressure is divided between the horse�s mouth and neck.